146 Thames St, Oamaru 9400, Otago, New Zealand
03 434 9651 oamaruprint@gmail.com

Design and Printing Services; Printing business cards, invitation, raffle tickets, posters, signage & artwork. Large scanning & printing also available. Canvas, paper, Vinyl and more.


Oamaru Print and Copy Ltd now 36 years old. Originally founded by John Avis in 1984 and purchase and renamed in 2008. The business has changed over the years and has adapted quickly with new technologies offering more and more services. From design, print, signage, websites, email and advertising Oamaru Print and Copy is a One-stop-shop for marketing any business in Oamaru.

Oamaru Print also publishes The Oamaru Telegram (local community newspaper) that was introduced 9 years ago and is very well received by the community. This paper is delivery to over 8,000 homes weekly with an estimated readership of well over 10,000+…


ShopOamaru.co.nz was introduced in 2018 and is still growing and changing to meet the needs of the local businesses. Offering a free sales-point for local retailers and producers of products and service. A marketing tools to encourage and promote local shopping.


Oamaru.net.nz start 5 years ago and is still under development with the help of retailers and the wider community. At present its goal is to offer free Wi-Fi and email access over the Oamaru township for people to access information about Oamaru/Waitaki and it services. The hope is to have this Wi-Fi network accessible from Aples to Ocean. The Oamaru.net is currently offering free email address to residents of Oamaru in the hopes promoting Oamaru with every email sent.

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